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Upgrade Your Picnic Experience With Your Favorite Cup Of Coffee

Freshly Brewed Coffee While On A Picnic?

It's summer, the season of picnics, road trips and camping. And what better way to enjoy a fun-filled day than with a refreshing drink from Eighth Brew's new portable espresso machine?

Picnics are the best way to spend time with friends and family. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just want to spend some quality time together, picnics are perfect for any occasion. You can even turn them into an adventure by packing your favorite food items and heading out into nature.

However, picnics can also be a little boring if you do not have something to break the monotony of eating and drinking. This is where Eighth Brew's Portable Coffee Machine comes in handy!

Eighth Brew - Coffee on a camping with travel coffee maker


Complementing your picnic bag with our portable coffee maker

The first step towards enjoying your picnics accompanied with your best espresso shot is getting the right equipment. Before leaving your home, you must ensure you have everything you need, including Eighth Brew's portable espresso machine, a bottle of water, and your favorite Coffee Capsules/Ground Coffee Grind. These items should be placed neatly in one bag so they are easy to carry around when traveling.

Eighth Brew - Portable coffee maker in your bag


Share the joy with your friends.

 Now that everything is ready and prepared, you can enjoy your picnic with a handful of your tasty, flavorful, and delicious coffee. You can even share this experience with a bunch of friends, as Eighth Brew's Portable Coffee Machine allows you to make up to 5 cups of coffee anyplace you go after adding cold water.

Eighth Brew - Share joy with portable espresso maker