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Coffee Capsules VS Ground Coffee

Most Popular Drink In The World

Coffee has been around longer than most of its current consumers and is considered one of the most widely consumed beverages next to water, tea, and milk.

Because of its popularity, people have come up with different ways to grow, prepare, and drink coffee. We are witnessing a lot of people leaning towards the use of modern coffee pods or creating smart and convenient capsule coffee machines, while others are still more comfortable with the traditional ground coffee grind.

The rising arguments about which is better to consume left a lot of coffee enthusiasts confused, but don't worry because this article will provide you with everything you need to know to settle the debate between Coffee Capsules VS Ground Coffee powder yourself.

Coffee Capsules

Eighth Brew - DIfferent coffee capsules

Coffee Capsules were first introduced in the mid-1970s as an easy method to create a single-serve coffee. They are small plastic sealed cups with varying sizes depending on the amount of coffee each capsule contains.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of different options from different varieties (decaf, espresso, dark roast), different flavors, and different materials (aluminum, recyclable plastic, or cardboard)

The best part about using Coffee Capsules is convenience; coffee capsules don't require preparation time as they are pre-measured for a specific amount of water to constantly deliver your flavorful coffee without leaving any mess behind.

Ground Coffee Powder

Eighth Brew - Ground coffee powder

Ground Coffee is made from grinding whole beans that have been roasted into a fine powder and come in different forms: whole bean, coarsely ground, fine ground, medium-ground, etc.

Ground Coffee dates back several years ago in Ethiopia, where it first existed, considered a luxury at different points in history.

Even though the coffee capsules market has been expanding since it was introduced, many people still use Ground Coffee Powder as their primary caffeine provider.

Coffee Capsules VS Ground Coffee Powder:

Eighth Brew - Coffee capsules vs ground coffee powder

This has been a debate for ages with no definite answer. So, we have summarized the Pros and Cons for both types, and we'll let you be the judge of your decision:

Coffee Capsules Pros & Cons:

Coffee Capsules are more consistent than Ground Coffee since they are pre-measured before packing, which gives a consistent taste, requires less time and effort to make, and leaves no mess behind. However, using Coffee Capsules is limited to certain machines that are compatible with the ones you are using, causes danger to the environment as some capsules are non-biodegradable, or people just skip the process of disposing the ones that are eco-friendly and are more expensive to buy.

Ground Coffee Pros & Cons:

Ground Coffee Powder is usually cheaper to acquire, doesn't impose any danger to the environment since it is biodegradable, not limited to certain machines, and can be used in different ways apart from drinking it. However, ground coffee drinkers may find inconsistency with the taste since they are required to self-measure the proper amount of coffee to be brewed, which may leave them with a lot of mess to clean.

Don't know which side to take?

If you are one of the people who are on both sides of this debate, then we would highly recommend you purchase Eighth Brew's Portable Coffee Machine as it is compatible with both Coffee Capsules and Ground Coffee powder. The best thing about this machine is that it enables you to be your own barista anyplace you go with its numbered water chamber and cordless heating function!

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