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Eighth Brew Cocktails II: Affogato

If you've looked into different types of summer drinks, you probably have come across Affogato. Affogato is a Portuguese and Italian drink. I'm sure you've had something similar at restaurants but never really knew what it was called. A good Affogato recipe is one of the best things you can make in the summer. Read to find out more about this authentic, appealing dessert recipe.

What is Affogato? 

The word "Affogato" is an Italian word that means drowning, and it refers to how an espresso shot is poured all over a glass full of gelato ice cream.

Which Ice-cream to choose?

Even though Italians originally used to make it with gelato ice cream, you can even try it with Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate ice cream, or even Caramel ice cream.

If you are looking for a simple way to make the perfect Affogato, here is how you do it:

Get your hands on one of our portable coffee machines, a scoop of your favorite Vanilla/Chocolate/Caramel Ice-cream brand, and your favorite Coffee Capsules/ Ground Coffee Grind. Finally, decorate your Affogato glass with your favorite toppings.


Eighth Brew - Affogato coffee