... Eighth Brew cocktails I : Almond Milk X Espresso Shot

Eighth Brew cocktails I : Almond Milk X Espresso Shot

Coffee and Almond - is there a more lovely summer duo? If you like your latte to be extra sweet and creamy but also dairy free, this is the perfect recipe. Our Almond Milk Eighth Brew is super easy to make and tastes excellent when iced.
Coffee and Almond is a good combination of everything that makes summer great: aromatic espresso, creamy almond milk, deliciousness, and sweetness.

The espresso shot and the almond milk are both solid. Mixing them together allows you to create a drink that is lighter than either alone but retains its strength and flavors.
So, If you're looking for a healthier alternative to your morning cup of joy but don't want to give up the taste, try mixing an almond milk espresso shot with our recipe below:

- Prepare a cup filled with ice and your favorite almond milk brand
- Grab your Eighth Brew's Portable Coffee Machine
- Use your favorite Coffee Capsule/Ground Coffee Grind
- Pour the coffee over the glass full of ice and almond milk

Eighth Brew - Almond milk X Espresso shot